What is meant by communication? What are the strategies for an effective communication system?
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Communication is important for successful project management. The PMBOKarea calledproject communications management includes:

Identify Stakeholders—includes the process of identifying people or organizations thathave a positive or negative interest in the project’s outcome.

Plan Communications—A stakeholder analysis provides a basis for identifying the variousstakeholders as well as their interest, influence, and project role. However,providingrelevant and timely information is an important part in carrying out the different strategiesdefined for each stakeholder.

Distribute Information—focuses on getting the right information to the right stakeholdersin the right format. This may include documenting minutes from meetings andorganizing other project documents.

Manage Stakeholder Expectations—Ensuring that clear, consistent, and timely communicationsatisfies the information needs and that any project stakeholder issues are Resolved.

Report Performance—focuses on the collection and dissemination of project informationto the various project stakeholders. This should include status, progress, and forecastreports.

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