Explain Wireless Local Loop Subscriber Terminals

Subject: Wireless Technology

Topic: Wireless Local Loop

Difficulty: Low

1 Answer

Wireless local loop (WLL) subscriber terminal can be one of the following: -

a. A radio set

b. A mobile handset with good mobility

c. Integrated desktop phone

d. Single or multiple units connected to telephone.

Depending upon the application the subscriber terminals are decided. The subscriber terminals can be mounted indoors or outdoors and they can be with or without battery depending on the application.

Usually the subscribers are connected by radio to network of base stations for receiving the phone calls. However, depending on the nature of application and services required the subscriber terminal used can be different.

For fixed access wireless service applications the subscriber terminals used are single a multiple lines unit connected to standard telephone.

If multiple line units are used then each line must be routed for provided service. Multiple line units are used in office buildings, apartments etc.

The subscriber terminal must provide the signals required for the line units.

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