Explain WLL interface to the PSTN

Subject: Wireless Technology

Topic:Wireless Local Loop

Difficulty: Low

1 Answer

WLL subscribers are linked to the system through radio to the network of base stations.

A WLL system can be connected to the PSTN through direct connection to the local exchange or with a switch. The WLL system can depend on PSTN to do all the switch functions.

An analog or digital interface is required for connecting PSTN switches directly to the WLL system.

If copper is used for local loop then the switches can provide two-four wire interfaces. If digital 64 kbps PCM interface is used it is easy to use and low cost.

The ETSI (European Telecommunication Standard Institute) has standardized V5.2 as a digital interface between a private branch exchange and WLL system. For matching switches with digital interface different vendors have developed digital interfaces for WLL systems.

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