Explain RMI in CORBA by defining three level architecture in CORBA.
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Remote method invocation in COBRA

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       fig. RMI in COBRA
  • The client gets the interoperable OR(IOR)

  • stubs can be generated automatically using IDL compiler & are included in code during compilation.

  • The client stub calls network relations using system calls.

  • ORB transfers marshalled data using CDR format(common character data represantation) to OA

  • OA then transfers calls to servers skeleton.

  • server skeleton unpacks/unmarshalls the parameters and call procedure.

  • server does the work & returns result to skeleton.

  • the skeleton then packs result and send to OA

  • OA then sends it to ORB and ORB transmits results to client.

  • the client stub unpacks the result and returns it to client procedure.

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