Explain gales table
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The calculation of close traverse may be made in the following steps and entered in a tabular form which is known as gales traverse table.

  1. Sum up all the included angle. There sum should be equal to $(2N±4)$ right angle according to as the interior and exterior angle are measured, Where N is the number of the side of the traverse.
  2. It not necessary to correction to the angle so that the sum of corrected angle will exactly equal to $(2N±4)90^0.$
  3. Calculate the W.C.B of other line for observed bearing of the first line and then corrected included angles.
  4. From the whole circle of the line deduce the reduce bearing of the line, and determine the quadrant in which the line lie.
  5. From the given length and calculated reduced bearing of the line compute their latitude and departure.
  6. Add all northing and southing find the difference between the two sum. Similarly obtain the difference between the sum of all easting and sum of westing.

Apply necessary correction by using Bowditch’s rule or transit rule so the sum of northing = sum of southing and sum of easting = sum of westing.

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