Give in detail steps required for developing an application using EJB framework with example.

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Year: May 15

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steps for building/developing EJB application

1) Creation of Home Interface:

  • It extends EJB home, this container implemented interface , lists one or more create method, to create an enterprise beam.

2) Creation of Remote Interface:

  • It extends EJB object, it describes method exposed by enterprise by bean class.

3) Creation of primary key class.

  • This is used to identity object in persistent storage, hence used only by entity beans.

4) Creation of an enterprise bean class

  • It implements session bean or entity bean interface.

  • It’s methods name and signature must exactly with the remote interface.

5) Creation of Deployment Descriptor

  • It specifies functional properties of beans it provides information to locate all ports of information .

  • it also specifies types of a bean.

  • It describes primary key and other field of a bean class.

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