State advantages and disadvantages of digital filter.
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Advantages of digital filter:

  1. Many input signals can be filtered by one digital filter without replacing the hardware.
  2. Digital filter have characteristic like linear phase response. Such characteristics are not possible to obtain in case of analog filters.
  3. The performance of digital filters does not vary with environmental parameter.
  4. Unlike analog filters; the digital filters are portable.
  5. From unit to unit, the performance of digital filters is repeatable.
  6. Digital filters are highly flexible.

Disadvantages of digital filter:

1.Speed Limitation:

In the case of digital filters. ADC and DAC are used, so the speed of digital filter depends on the conversion time of ADC and the settling time of DAC. Similarly the speed of operation of digital filter depends on the speed of processor. Thus the band width of the input signal processed is limited by ADC and DAC.

2.Finite Wordlength Effect:

The accuracy of digital filter depends on the word length should be long enough to obtain the required accuracy. The digital filter also affected by the ADC noise, resulting from the quantization of the continuous signal.

3.Long Design and development time:

An initial design and development time for digital hardware is more than analog filters.

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