Compare DSP processor and Microprocessor.
Sr No. Parameters DSP processor Microprocessor
1 Instruction cycle Instructions are executed in single cycle of the clock Multiple clocks cycles are required for execution of one instruction.
2 Instruction execution Parallel execution is possible. Execution of instruction is always sequential.
3 Memories Separate data and program memory. No such separate memories are present.
4 On chip/Off chip memories Program and Data memories are present on chip extendable off chip. Normally on chip cache memory present, main memory is off chip.
5 Program flow control Program sequencer and instruction register take care of program flow Program counter take care of flow of execution.
6 Pipelining Pipelining is implicate through instruction register and instruction cache. Queuing is perform explicate by one queue register to support pipelining.
7 Operand Fetch Multiple operands can be fetched simultaneously. Operands are fetched sequentially.
8 Address and data bus multiplexing Address and data bus are not multiplexed. They are separate on chip as well as off chip. Address and data bus are multiplexed.
9 Computational units Three separate computational units: ALU, MAC and shifter. Only one main unit ALU.
10 On chip address and data bus Separate address and data bus for program and data memory. Address and data bus are the two buses on the chip
11 Addressing modes Direct and indirect addressing modes. Direct, Indirect, Register, Register indirect, Immediate addressing mode etc.
12 Application Signal processing, audio processing, speech processing and array processing etc General Purpose applications.
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