Describe .NET architecture.
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the component of .Net framework are describes as follows:

1) Common Language Runtime(CLR):

  • CLR monitors the execution of .NET applications and provides essential devices.

  • It manages code at execution time.

  • It provide core services like remote communication memory management and thread management.

  • CLR is equivalent to JVM.

2) Standard system services:

  • standard system services like ADO .Net and XML are made universally available and standardized across languages by bringing them under control of .Net framework.

3) User and program Interface

  • It includes windows forms that provide powerful user Interface(UT) for web.

4) .Net Framework class library(FCL)

  • It is a set of managed classes that provide access to system services .

  • It is comprehensive and object oriented code of reusable types that can be used to develop UI or web applications.

  • file i/p, o/p’s sockets database access remoting are few services of FCL.

5) Common types system(CTS)

  • CTS prevents miscasting

  • It specifies rules related to data types that languages must follow.

  • CLS is a subset of CTS that allows different languages to interoperate.

  • CTS is a data log of .Net types.

6) Common language specification(CLS)

  • it is set of specifications or guidelines defining a .Net languages.

  • CLS is a subset objects, CLS defines common types of managed languages.

  • CLS provides 3 levels of compliance.

  • components developed in procedure language. specification can be used in any other language.

  • components developed in consume languages.

  • components developed in extender language.

.Net Remoting

It is generic system for communication between difference applications.
  • These applications can be located on same computers , different computers an same network ,

  • It is MSAPI for interprocess communication write .Net framework version 1.0

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         Fig. Remoting process
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