Differentiate between reciprocating compressors and rotary compressor.
1 Answer
Sr. No. Aspect Reciprocating Compressor Rotary Compressor
1 Pressure Ratio Discharge Pressure of air is high. The pressure ratio per,stage will be in the order of 4 to 7. Discharge pressure of air is low. The pressure ratio per,stage will be in the order of 3 to 5.
2 Handled Volume Quantity of air handled is low and is limited to 50m3/s. Large measure of air handled can be handled and it is,about 500 m3/s.
3 Speed of Compressor Low speed of compressor. High speed of compressor.
4 Size of compressor Size of Compressor is bulky for given discharge volume. Compressor size is small for given discharge volume.
5 Air supply Air supply is intermittent. Air supply is steady and continuous.
6 Compressed efficiency Higher with pressure ratio more than 2. Higher with compression ratio less than 2.
7 Maintenance Higher due to reciprocating engine. Lower due to less sliding parts.
8 Lubrication Complicated lubrication system. Simple lubrication system.
9 Initial cost Higher Lower
10 Suitability For medium and high pressure ratio.,For low and medium gas volume. For low and medium pressures.,For large volumes.
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