Differentiate between Centrifugal pumps and Reciprocating pumps
1 Answer
Sr No Parameter Centrifugal Pump Reciprocating Pump
1 Type Rotary type Positive displacement type
2 Discharge Continuously discharges the fluid Does not discharge the fluid continuously
3 Type of fluid Used for pumping fluids having high viscosity Used for pumping fluids having low viscosity
4 Effect of pressure Flow rate is inversely proportional to change in pressure Remains unaffected due to change in pressures
5 Energy Transfer Employs impellers to transfer energy to fluid It has a piston cylinder arrangement to transfer energy to fluid
6 Maintenance Require less maintenance Require higher maintenance
7 Application Usually for domestic purposes where higher discharge,at low heads is required For industrial purposes where fluids of high,viscosity are pumped at high heads.
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