Write short note on Trouble shooting in centrifugal pumps .
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The following table identifies issues with centrifugal pumps and ways to rectify them:

Pump fails to prime or loses the prime i)Air,leak in suction lines ii)Suction,strainer is clogged iii)Defective,priming valve, packing or seal i)Clean,and tighten suction connections ii)Remove,dirt and other materials from strainer iii)Replace the defective part
No discharge from pump i)Total head is too high ii)Pump,is not properly primed iii)Impeller,or discharge line is clogged iv)Wrong,direction of rotation i)Re-evaluate,head calculations and measure elevation differences between pump and liquid,source. ii)Re-prime,the pump iii)Back flush pump to clear obstruction iv)Check,wiring
Pump output is poor i)Excessive,air in liquid ii)Impeller,is clogged iii)Wear rings are worn i)Clean and tighten suction lines ii)Disassemble,pump or piping and clean to remove obstruction iii)Replace,the rings
Excessive power consumption i)Speed,is too high ii)Driver,and pump misaligned i)Replace motor and correct wiring ii)Realign driver with pump
Noisy pump i)Worn,motor bearings ii)Magnetic,hum i)Replace bearings ii)Replace motor
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