Write down Energy Conservation Opportunities in Pumping Systems (OR) State few methods of improving efficiency of pumping system..
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Energy Conservation Opportunities in Pumping Systems are as follows:

  1. Ensure adequate NPSH at the site of installation.

  2. Ensure availability of basic instruments in the pump like pressure gauges, flow meters.

  3. Operate pumps near best efficiency point.

  4. Modify pumping system and pump losses to minimize throttling.

  5. Adapt to wide load variations with variable speed drives or sequenced control of multiple units.

  6. Stop running multiple pumps - add an auto-start for an on-line spare or add a booster pump in the problem area.

  7. Use booster pumps for small loads requiring higher pressures.

  8. Increase fluid temperature differentials to reduce pumping rates in case of heat exchangers.

  9. Repair seals and packing to minimize water loss by dripping.

  10. Balance the system to minimize flows and reduce pump power requirements.

  11. Avoid pumping head with a free-fall return (gravity); Use siphon effect to advantage.

  12. Conduct water balance to minimise water consumption.

  13. Avoid cooling water re-circulation in DG sets, air compressors, refrigeration systems, cooling towers feed water pumps, condenser pumps and process pumps.

  14. In multiple pump operations, carefully combine the operation of pumps to avoid throttling ƒ Provide booster pump for few areas of higher head.

  15. Replace old pumps by energy efficient pumps.

  16. In the case of over designed pump, provide variable speed drive, or downsize / replace impeller or replace with correct sized pump for efficient operation.

  17. Optimize number of stages in multi-stage pump in case of head margins.

  18. Reduce system resistance by pressure drop assessment and pipe size optimisation.

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