What is the basic criteria in selecting the piping network in compressed air system?
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The following basic considerations should be in place while selecting the piping network in compressed air system.

i) Material: The material of the pipe should be selected such that it is less prone to corrosion, degradation by UV light, leak proof and have a high strength to weight ratio.

ii) Size: The pipe diameters should be calculated such that it has a maximum air velocity. Using small pipes to save money can cause pressure loss.

iii) Layout: Eliminate elbows, minimize changes in direction of airflow, remove constrictions, reduce excessive pipe lengths and isolate unused compressed air piping as they may act as sources of air leaks.

iv) Slope of pipe: The slope should be adequately given to pipes such that it drives out moisture from the network.

v) Other considerations: Filters should be placed in the network to eliminate foreign matter from the system. Furthermore, pressure losses should be controlled.

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