Write a note on users of particle size distribution curve.
  1. It can be used for coarse grained soils.
  2. It is used to know the susceptibility curve is required for the design of drainage filters.
  3. The particle size distribution provides an index to the shear strength of the soil. Generally, a well graded, comparted sand has high strength.
  4. The particle size distribution curve is required.
  5. The compressibility of a soil should also be judged from its particle size distribution curve. A uniform soil is more compressible than a well graded soil.
  6. The particle size distribution curve is useful in soil stablisation and for the design of pavements.
  7. The coefficent of permiability of a coarse grained soil depends to a large extent on the size of the particles. An appropriate value of the coefficient of permiability can be determined from the particle size.
  8. The particle size distribution curve of a residual soil may include the age of teh soil deposits.
  9. The particle size distribution curve may be indicate the mode of deposition of soil.
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