Draw and explain interfacing of DAC 0808 with 8086 using 8255. Write a program to generate square wave.
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  • DAC 0808 is an 8 bit Digital to Analog Converter. It can convert an 8 bit digital data input into an analog voltage output.
  • Reference voltage for conversion is provided using +Vref and –Vref. The output can be amplified (optional) using an op-amp.
  • DACs are used in various applications such as Waveform generation, PWM, Motor control Applications, DSP etc. Here we connect the output to a display device like a CRO.
  • By simple programming we can generate several types of wave forms like Ramp, Saw-tooth, Triangular waveform etc.

Interfacing of DAC 0808 using 8255

  • The output from 0808 DAC is current, so we need current to voltage converter at output of DAC as shown in figure below:

I to V Converter at Output of DAC

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