Draw & explain block diagram of basic communication system. Explain different communication channels & their characteristics.
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The block diagram of a communication system will have five blocks, including the information source, transmitter, channel, receiver and destination blocks.

1.Information source :-

  • The objective of any communication system is to convey information from one point to the other. The information comes from the information source, which originates it

  • Information is a very generic word signifying at the abstract level anything intended for communication, which may include some thoughts, news, feeling, visual scene, and so on.

  • The information source converts this information into physical quantity.

  • The physical manifestation of the information is termed as message signal

2.Transmitter :-

  • The objective of the transmitter block is to collect the incoming message signal and modify it in a suitable fashion (if needed), such that, it can be transmitted via the chosen channel to the receiving point.

  • Channel is a physical medium which connects the transmitter block with the receiver block.

  • The functionality of the transmitter block is mainly decided by the type or nature of the channel chosen for communication.

3.Channel :-

  • Channel is the physical medium which connects the transmitter with that of the receiver.

  • The physical medium includes copper wire, coaxial cable, fibre optic cable, wave guide and free space or atmosphere.

  • The choice of a particular channel depends on the feasibility and also the purpose of the communication system.


  • The receiver block receives the incoming modified version of the message signal from the channel and processes it to recreate the original (non-electrical) form of the message signal.

  • There are a great variety of receivers in communication systems, depending on the processing required to recreate the original message signal and also final presentation of the message to the destination.


  • The destination is the final block in the communication system which receives the message signal and processes it to comprehend the information present in it.

  • Usually, humans will be the destination block.

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