Explain with neat sketch the working of sliding vane type compressor.
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Vane type rotary compressor :

Schematic of vane type compressor is shown in Fig.(a)

It has cylindrical casing having an eccentrically mounted rotor inside it. The rotor has number of slots in it with rectangular vanes of spring loaded type mounted in slots.

These vanes are generally non-metallic and made of fiber or carbon composites or any other wear resistant material.

These vanes remain in continuous contact with casing such that leakage across the vane-casing interface is minimum or absent. It has one end as inlet end and other as the delivery end connected to receiver.

Upon rotation the eccentric rotor has the vanes having differential projection out of rotor depending upon their position. Air is trapped between each set of two consecutive blades in front of inlet passage and is positively displaced to the delivery end after compressing the volume V1 initially to V2, V3 and V4.

When compressed volume comes in front of delivery passage and further rotation results in the situation when partly compressed air is forced to enter the receiver as there is no other way out.

This cumulative transfer of partly compressed air in receiver causes irreversible compression resulting in gradual pressure rise.

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