Draw neat block diag of delta modulator Transmitter and Receiver and explain it working.
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Delta Modulator Transmitter:

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Operation: X(t) – i/p signal to comparator

X’(t) – quantized version of x(t)

In comparator,↑ high if x(t) > x’(t) and goes low ↓ if x(t) < x’(t). Thus the comparator o/p os either 1 or 0.

The sample and hold circuit will hold this level (0/1) for the entire clock cycle period.

The o/p of sample and hold is transmitted as o/p of DM system. Also, one bit per clock cycle is sent. Thus bit rate and b.w is reduced.

The sig is used to decide the mode of operation of an up/down counter, the counter o/p increments by 1 if $S_o (t)=1$ and it decrements by 1 if $S_o (t)=0,$ at the falling edge of each clock pulse.

enter image description here

Delta Modulator Receiver

enter image description here


  1. Low signaling rate and low transmission channel b.w because in delta modulation, only one bit is transmitted per sample.
  2. The d.m transmitter and receiver are not complicated.


  1. The 2 distortions, i.e., slope overload error and granular noise are present.
  2. Practically the signaling rate with no slope overload error will be much higher than that of PCM.
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