What is multiplexing in communication system?

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What do you understand by signal multiplexing?

Subject: Computer Engineering

Topic: Electronic Circuits and Communication Fundamentals

Difficulty: Medium / High


It is the process of simultaneously transmitting two or more individual signals over a single communication channel

Due to multiplexing it is possible to increase the number of communication channels so that more information can be transmitted.

The typical application of multiplexing are in telemetry and telephony or in satellite communication Concept of multiplexing

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The multiplexer receives a large no. of i/p signals Multiplexer has only one o/p which is connected to single comm. Channel.

Multiplexer’s combines all i/p signals into a single composite signal and transmits it over the comm. Medium.

At the receiving end, of comm. Link, a de multiplexer is used to separate out sig.

Operation of de multiplexer is exactly opposite to that of a multiplexer. De multiplexing is the process which is exactly opposite to that of multiplexing.

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