Compare TDM and FDM
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Signals which are to be multiplexed are added in the time domain. But they occupy diff slots in the frequency. domain The signals which are to be multiplexed can occupy the entire bandwidth but are isolated in the time domain
FDM is usually preferred for the analog signals. TDM is preferred for the digital signals.
Synchronization is not required. Synchronization required
The FDM requires a complex circuiting at the transmitter and receiver. TDM circuiting is not very complex.
FDM suffers from the problem of crosstalk due to imperfect band filters. In TDM the problem of crosstalk is not severe.
Due to wideband fading in transmission medium, all FDM channels are affected Due to fading only a few TDM channels will be affected
Due to slow narrowband fading taking place in the transmission channel only a single channel may be affected in FDM Due to slow narrow band fading all the TDM channels may get wiped out.


  1. Multiplexing of digital signals.
  2. Digital telephony
  3. Fiber optic communication
  4. Satellite communication
  5. Wireless communication applications.
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