(3 hours) $\hspace{70mm}$ [Max. Marks 80]

1. Question no. 1 is compulsory.

2. Assume suitable data if necessary.

3. Attempt any three questions from remaining questions.


a) Convert (1762.46)$_{10}$ into octal, binary and hexadecimal. $\hspace{30mm}$ (3)

b) Prove OR-AND configuration is equivalent to NOR-NOR configuration. $\hspace{30mm}$ (3)

c) Perform subtraction using 16's complement. $\hspace{30mm}$ (4)

$\hspace{20mm}$I) (CB1)$_{16 }$- (971)$_{16}$

$\hspace{20mm}$II) (426)$_{16}$-(DBA)$_{16}$

d) Find 8's complement of following numbers. $\hspace{30mm}$ (2)

$\hspace{20mm}$I) (27)$_{8}$ $\hspace{20mm}$ II) (321)$_{8}$

e) Perform following subtraction (52)$_{10}$ - (65)$_{10}$ using 2's complement method. $\hspace{30mm}$ (2)

f) Write the hamming code for 1010. $\hspace{30mm}$ (2)

g) Implement the following Boolean equation using NAND gates only. $\hspace{30mm}$ (2)

Y = AB + CDE + F

h) Explain the term prime implicant. $\hspace{30mm}$ (2)


a) Design a 4- bit ripple adder. $\hspace{30mm}$ (10)

b) Obtain the minimal expression using quine Mc- Cluskey method. $\hspace{30mm}$ (10)

F (A, B, C, D) = $\Sigma$m (1,5,6,12,13,14) + d (2,4)


a) Implement a full adder using 8:1 multiplexer. $\hspace{30mm}$ (10)

b) Implement the following functions using DE multiplexer. F1(A, B, C) =$\Sigma$m (0,3,7) $\hspace{5mm}$F2(A, B, C) =$\Sigma$m (1,2,5) $\hspace{7mm}$ (5)

c) Simplify F (A, B, C, D) = $\Pi$m (3,4,5,6,7,10,11,15) and implement using minimum number of gates. $\hspace{30mm}$ (5)


a) Compare TTL and CMOS logic with respect to fan in, fan out, propagation delay, power consumption, noise margin, current and voltage parameters. $\hspace{70mm}$ (5)

b) Draw the circuit for S-R flip flop using two NOR gates and write the architecture body for the same using structural modelling. $\hspace{30mm}$ (5)

c) Explain 1- digit BCD Adder. $\hspace{30mm}$ (10)


a) Convert JK flip flop to SR flip flop and D flip flop.$\hspace{20mm}$ (10)

b) Design 3-bit synchronous counter using T flip flops. $\hspace{20mm}$ (10)

6. Write short note on any four. $\hspace{60mm}$(20)

a) State table

b) ALU IC 74181

c) Sequence generator

d) Data flow modelling

e) 4-bit ring counter

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