Explain Database users
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Database users are the one who really use and take the benefits of database. There will be different types of users depending on their need and way of accessing the database.

Application Programmers - They are the developers who interact with the database by means of DML queries. These DML queries are written in the application programs like C, C++, JAVA, Pascal etc.These queries are converted into object code to communicate with the database.

For example, writing a C program to generate the report of employees who are working in particular department will involve a query to fetch the data from database. It will include a embedded SQL query in the C Program.

Sophisticated Users - They are database developers, who write SQL queries to select/insert/delete/update data. They do not use any application or programs to request the database. They directly interact with the database by means of query language like SQL. These users will be scientists, engineers, analysts who thoroughly study SQL and DBMS to apply the concepts in their requirement. In short, we can say this category includes designers and developers of DBMS and SQL.

Specialized Users - These are also sophisticated users, but they write special database application programs. They are the developers who develop the complex programs to the requirement.

Stand-alone Users - These users will have stand –alone database for their personal use. These kinds of database will have readymade database packages which will have menus and graphical interfaces.

Native Users - these are the users who use the existing application to interact with the database. For example, online library system, ticket booking systems, ATMs etc. which has existing application and users use them to interact with the database to fulfil their requests.

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