Discuss various factors affecting rate of demand.
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• The annual average demand for water considerably varies for different town & cities.

• This figure generally range between 100 to 360 liters/capita/day.

• These factors are discussed below

1) Size of the city: - The per capita demand for big cities is generally large as compared to that for smaller town.

2) Climatic condition:- At hotter & dry places, the consumption of water is generally more, because of more bathing, cleaning, air cooling, sprinkling in lawns, gardens, roofs, etc.

3) Industrial & commercial activities: - As per no. of industries and their requirement, water demand for that place is decided. If industries require huge amount of water, then water demand going to be more.

4) Quality of water supply: - If quality & taste of the supplied water is good, it will be consumed more. If quality & taste is not good, requirement of water will be less.

5) Development of sewage facilities:- Water consumption will be more if the city is provided with “flush system” and shall be less if the old conservation system of latrines is adopted.

6) Cost of water: - If the water rates are high, lesser quantity may be consumed by the people.

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