Draw Layout of water treatment plant and explain functions of each unit. OR Draw a flow diagram showing components of water.
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Functions of each unit

  1. Intake well The raw water admitted from the source, in these wells, through the inlet opening having screen to separate the floating material.

  2. Screen Screen are used to remove the floating, suspended material.

  3. Aerators To remove the gases from the water, the raw water exposed to the air.

  4. Coagulant tank It is Used to add the coagulant into the water.

  5. Flash mixer In this unit, added coagulators are properly mixed.

  6. Clari Floccurator • In this unit two process are done i.e. Flocculation and sedimentation. • Flocculation Floc are formed and in sedimentation Floc get settleddown.

  7. Filter beds It helps to remove the fine and colloidal matter from the water.

  8. Disinfection It helps to kill microorganisms and also to destroy organic impurities. This is important process for water treatment.

  9. Distribution System Treated water convey to household.

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