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• Testing of pipelines for any leakage and strength and fittings. • Following are the various methods for testing of pipes

  1. Pressure Test
  2. Leakage Test
  3. Chlorination Test

Pressure Test

• The water remains shall be subjected 5 bar test pressure for 24 hours and shall be increased to 10 bar. Testing can be carried out between suitably supported balnk and end pieces.

• The water main is filled with water and allowed to stand and stabilize under working pressure for 24 hours. The water pressure is then slowly applied by pump to about 50% in excess of working pressure.

• Pump is disconnected and the amount of fall of pressure in a given time is measured. After this time has elapsed water is again pumped into the line to bring back pressure to its initial value and the amount of water or volume of water pumped out is measured.

• Quantity is checked against the quantity pumped in and the difference of this two is recorded as loss.

• All the pipe fitting, valves, hydrants and joins are examined carefully when each valve section s filled with water.

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