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• Rain is primary source of water. The rainfall, supply water to surface in form of lakes and ponds to the surface runoff in the forms of streams and rivers to the ground in the form of water table.

• Rain is not adequate or may be late in such case water need is fulfilled by conserve water. So rainwater harvesting is the best method to conserve the water for better use.

• Purpose of water harvesting

  1. To provide sufficient water for drinking purpose.
  2. To provide sufficient water for irrigation purpose.
  3. To provide sufficient water for ground water recharging purpose.
  4. To reduce the danger of over flow of surface runoff, causing floods.
  5. To reduce the pressure of sewage treatment plant in urban areas.

• Capture the rainwater from rooftop

• To capture the runoff water from local catchments.

• Conserve water should be use in drought times.

• Roof top harvesting

  1. Harvesting from top is the easy and ecofriendly method of augmenting household level, water availability.

  2. Roof Top Rainwater Harvesting (RRH) involves diverting or storing of rainwater, which falls on the roof of a house. It is also used to recharge the ground water.

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