Explain different types of dams in brief.
1 Answer

The different types of dams are:-

Concrete gravity dams: They run in a straight line across a broad valley and resist the horizontal thrust of the retained water entirely by their own weight. The forces that act are the thrust of the water stored in the reservoir, the weight of the dam, and the pressure exerted by the foundation.

Concrete buttress and multiple-arch dams: They do not rely entirely upon their own weight to resist the thrust of the water. Their upstream face, is not vertical but inclines about 25° to 45°, so the thrust of the water on the upstream face inclines toward the foundation.

Arch dams: It’s a curved dam that uses the water pressure to keep the joints in the masonry closed. An arch dam is a thick shell structure that derives strength from its curved profile. Dependent for its strength upon effective support at its abutments, its very strength and rigidity make it sensitive to movements at the abutments.

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