Write a note on air and flue gas circuit.

Subject : Power Plant Engineering

Topic: Chap 3: Steam Power Plants

Difficulty: Medium

Marks : 5M

1 Answer

It consists of forced draught fan, air pre heater, boiler furnace, super heater, economizer, dust collector, induced draught fan, chimney etc. Air is taken from the atmosphere by the action of a forced draught fan. It is passed through an air pre-heater.

The air is pre-heated by the flue gases in the pre-heater. This pre-heated air is supplied to the furnace to aid the combustion of fuel. Due to combustion of fuel, hot gases (flue gases) are formed. The flue gases from the furnace pass over boiler tubes and super heater tubes. (In boiler, wet steam is generated and in super heater the wet steam is superheated by the flue gases.)

Then the flue gases pass through economizer to heat the feed water. After that, it passes through the air pre-heater to pre-heat the incoming air. It is then passed through a dust catching device (dust collector). Finally, it is exhausted to the atmosphere through chimney.

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