What are the disadvantages of gas turbine power plant?

Subject : Power Plant Engineering

Topic: Chap 4- Combined Cycles

Difficulty: Medium

1 Answer
  1. An electric motor or an I.C. engine is necessary for starting the plant. The starting motor must bring the compressor well towards the operating speed. So, starting is not simple as in the case of other power plants.
  2. Gas turbine plants have less vibrations when compared with reciprocating engines of the same speed. However the high frequency noise from the compressor is objectionable.
  3. High temperatures impose severe restriction on the servicing conditions of the plant.
  4. Overall efficiency is low since two-thirds of the total power output is used for driving the compressor.
  5. The blades of the turbine require special cooling methods due to the severity of operating temperatures and pressures. In practice, the temperatures at the entry of the turbine are as high as 1100°C - 1260°C. Hence they should be made of special metals and alloys.
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