Explain in detail about Event Registers?

Subject : Microcontroller and Embedded Programming

Topic : Embedded/Real Time Operating System

Difficulty : Medium

1 Answer

Event registers : There are many cases when there is need of communication between different tasks or processes. There are various methods to implement the same like 1. Mailboxes 2. Message queues 3. Event registers 4. Pipes 5. Signals etc.

Event register can be used to keep track of the events that have been occurred. Each bit in the task register can be kept for particular event. Hence the task can keep a track of which events have occurred and accordingly the different operations to be performed.

The different functions required to implement event registers are as given below :

  1. Create an event register
  2. Delete an event register
  3. Set an event register
  4. Clear an event register
  5. Query an event register
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