What is digital camera explain its architecture in detail.

Subject : Microcontroller and Embedded Programming

Topic : Embedded System-The Case Studies

Difficulty : Medium

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Digital camera:

● A digital camera is an example of sophisticated embedded system. It consists of a lot of components including the DSP processors. The fig(a) shows one possible block diagram of a digital camera.

● Digital camera includes various types of memories like DRAM, memory card, flash memory with controller etc.

● The CPU is the main processor is also connected with the various other processors. The host processor just controls the various operations and the complicated operations are performed by these task processors.

enter image description here

● The JPEG co-processor is mainly meant to compress and decompose image into JPEG format.

● The camera DSP processes the images taken by CCD camera after it is converted to digital form. A graphics processor is also connected to do graphics processing for displaying the images and videos from the memory either on the LCD panel through the LCD controller interface or to the video out after video encoding.

● The IrDA interface is provided for remote controlling of the camera through the infrared remote. An Ethernet interface is given for Ethernet connection. There are other interfaces like RS232 and Bluetooth for advance communication support.

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