Short note on applications of Queues.
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Queue has got its applications in various domains:

Operating systems often maintain a queue of processes that are ready to execute or that are waiting for a particular event to occur.

Queues are used as buffers on MP3 players and portable CD players, iPod playlist.

Queues are used in Playlist for jukebox to add songs to the end, play from the front of the list.

Queues are used in operating system for handling interrupts. When programming a real-time system that can be interrupted, for example, by a mouse click, it is necessary to process the interrupts immediately, before proceeding with the current job. If the interrupts have to be handled in the order of arrival, then a FIFO queue is the appropriate data structure.

Queues are widely used as waiting lists for a single shared resource like printer, disk, CPU.

Queues are used to transfer data asynchronously (data not necessarily received at same rate as sent) between two processes (IO buffers), e.g., pipes, file IO, sockets.

Queues are used to solve Josephus Problem

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