Question: Explain different Image File formats:BMP,TIFF,JPEG

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A File format is a structure that defines how information is stored in the file and how that information is displayed on the monitor.

There are different file formats:


  • BMP images are developed by Microsoft can save both monochrome as well as colour images.
  • The quality of bmp images is very good
  • Eg:computer wallpapers,the documents saved in paintbrush are BMP images.


  • TIFF is the wellknown format developed in 1986.
  • Its many versions are standard image for a bit-mapped graphics image.
  • TIFF is data compression technique for monochrome as well as colour images.
  • The usually occupy less space.
  • Eg:Images seen on the internet sites are normally TIFF.


  • Joint Photographic Expert Group is the name of the committee that developed ana image format which uses Compression algorithm.
  • JPEG images are compressed image which occupy very little space.
  • It is based on DCT.
  • They are lossy images hence the quality of images are not that good as BMP.
  • Eg: Natural images. Aithough these formats differ in technical details,they share structural similarities.

Fig: The structure of information encoded in an image file.

enter image description here

The image file consists of two parts:

(1)Header: Gives us the information about the kind of image

(2)Image data:Data of image.

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