Draw block diagram of mobile unit and state function of each block. Also state two features of mobile hand set.


Draw the block diagram of mobile unit. State the function of logic and control unit in mobile handset.

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Transmitter: It is low power FM unit operating in the frequency range of 825 to 845MHz. There are 666, 30 KHz transmit channel. The carrier is furnished by a frequency synthesizer is a phase modulated by voice signal.

Receiver: The receiver is a dual conversion super heterodyne. The incoming signal frequency is down converted twice to frequency of 455KHz or 10.7MHMz with the help of mixer and IF amplifier stages. The signal is then demodulated deemphasized and filtered and given to loud speaker.

Frequency Synthesizer: This block generates all the signals used by transmitter and receivers. It uses standard PLL circuits and a mixer.

Logic Unit: This unit contains master control circuit for a cellular radio. It is made up of microprocessor with RAM and ROM and additional circuit used for interpreting signals from MSC and BS and generates control signal for the transmitter and receiver.

Control unit: The control unit contains the handset with speaker and microphone. The control unit is operated by a separate microprocessor that drives the LCD display and other indicators.


1) Typical o/p power is 3 W if mobile unit is mounted on vehicle

2) o/p power is only 500Mw if it is a handheld unit

3) transmitter is a low power FM unit operating in frequency range of 825 to 845 Mhz

4) It has 666 transmit channels which are spaced 30 Khz apart

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