Describe the concept of frequency reuse used in cellular systems. Also calculate the capacity for clusture size of 7 in cellular system which has 504 radio channels available for handling traffic.

Calculate number of channels per cell. If number of clusters available in cellular systems are 15, then calculate capacity of system.

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  • Each cellular base station is allocated group of radio channels to be used withing a small geographic area call 'cell'. base stations in adjacent cells are assigned channel group which contains completely different channels than neighboring cell.
  • By limiting coverage area to withing the boundaries of cell, the same group of channels may be used to cover different cells that are separated from one another by distance large enough to keep interference level withing tolerable limits.
  • The design process of selecting and allocating channel groups for all the cellular base station within a system is called frequency reuse or frequency planning.

Number of channel = 504

Cluster size = 7

Capacity = M x K x N

No. of channels per cell = 504/7

= 72

For no. of clusters = 15

Capacity = 15 x 72 x 7

= 7560

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