Draw the format of TMOD SFR and write significance of each bit OR Draw 8 bit format of TMOD SFR and explain how modes of timer can be selected using TMOD.
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GATE: Starts and stops Timer / Counter by means of a signal provided to the pin $ \bar{INT} / \bar{INT}0$

M1 - Timer / Counter operates only if the bit $ \bar{INT} / \bar{INT}0$ is set

M0 - Timer / Counter operates regardless of the state of the bit $ \bar{INT} / \bar{INT}0$

C/$\bar{T}$ : Timer of Counter selector cleared for timer operation (input from internal system clock) . Set for counter operations (input from $T_x$ input pin)

M1,M0: These two bits selects the Timer operating modes.

M1 M0 Mode Description
0 0 0 13-bit timer
0 1 1 16-bit timer
1 0 2 8-bit auto-reload
1 1 3 split mode
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