Differentiate between monolithic and microkernel

Subject: Operating System

Topic: Operating System Overview

Difficulty: High

1 Answer
Monolithic kernel Micro kernel
Monolithic kernel is a single large processes running entirely in a single address space. In Microkernels, the kernel is broken down into separate processes, known as servers.
All kernel services exist and execute in kernel address space. Some of the servers run in kernel space and some run in user-space. All servers are kept separate and run in different address spaces.
The kernel can invoke functions directly. The communication in microkernels is done via message passing. The servers communicate through IPC (Interprocess Communication). Servers invoke "services" from each other by sending messages.
Advantages: Addition/removal is not possible, less/Zero flexible Advantages: flexible for changes/up-gradations
Disadvantages:,inter Component Communication is better Disadvantage: communication overhead
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