Classify embedded system. Describe any two of them in short. OR State classification of Embedded system and describe any two types with example.
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Small scale:-

  • 8 bit or 16 bit microcontroller is used. These types of embedded systems are designed with a single 8 or 16-bit microcontroller that may even be activated by a battery.

  • For developing embedded software for small scale embedded systems, the main programming tools are an editor, assembler, cross assembler and integrated development environment (IDE).

Medium scale:-

  • 16 bit or 32 bit microcontroller or microprocessor is used, such as DSP, RISC. These types of embedded systems design with a single or 16 or 32 bit microcontroller, RISCs or DSPs.

  • These types of embedded systems have both hardware and software complexities.

  • For developing embedded software for medium scale embedded systems, the main programming tools are C, C++, and JAVA, Visual C++, and RTOS, debugger, source code engineering tool, simulator and IDE.

Sophisticated embedded system:-

  • ASIP, ARM, IP processors are used. These types of embedded systems have enormous hardware and software complexities, that may need ASIPs, IPs, PLAs, scalable or configurable processors.

  • They are used for cutting edge applications that need hardware and software Co-design and components which have to assemble in the final system.

Reactive and real-time:-

  • A real time embedded system is defined as a system which gives a required o/p in a particular time.

  • These types of embedded systems follow the time deadlines for completion of a task.

  • Real time embedded systems are classified into two types such as soft and hard real time systems .Example is autopilot system in a flight.

  • Hard Real Time: System gives absolute Guarantee. Strictly adhere to each deadline.

  • Soft Real Time Statistical Guarantee .Dead line are mostly met.

Networked :-

  • These types of embedded systems are related to a network to access the resources. The connected network can be LAN, WAN or the internet.

  • The connection can be any wired or wireless. This type of embedded system is the fastest growing area in embedded system applications.

  • The embedded web server is a type of system wherein all embedded devices are connected to a web server and accessed and controlled by a web browser.

  • Example for the LAN networked embedded system is a home security system wherein all sensors are connected and run on the protocol TCP/IP Embedded System

Mobile Embedded Systems:-

  • Mobile embedded systems are used in portable embedded devices like cell phones, mobiles, digital cameras, mp3 players and personal digital assistants, etc. The basic limitation of these devices is the other resources and limitation of memory.

Stand-alone :-

  • This embedded systems do not require a host system like a computer, it works by itself. It takes the input from the input ports either analog or digital and processes, calculates and converts the data and gives the resulting data through the connected device-Which either controls, drives or displays the connected devices.

  • Examples for the stand alone embedded systems are mp3 players, digital cameras, video game consoles, microwave ovens and temperature measurement systems.

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