Write any four feature of RTOS. OR State four key specifications of RTOS.
1 Answer
  • Reliability: A reliable system is the system which is available all the time. A system that does not fail is a reliable system. RTOS is reliable but it does not guarantee the reliability of an embedded system. The reliability of an ES depends on the hardware, the application code.

  • Predictability: RTOS have predictable behavior in which the completion of OS calls occurs within known time frame.

  • Performance: The system must perform fast enough to fulfil the timing requirements. The performance of RTOS can be measured on a call-by-call basis. Time stamps are produced when a system call starts and when it completes. This method of analyzing is useful in designing stage but the true performance is measured as whole.

  • Compactness: RTOS used in embedded system are extremely constraint as far as resources are concerned. The design requirements limit the system memory which limits the size of the application and the operating system.

  • Scalability: RTOS are most used in variety of embedded system they must be able to scale up/down to suit the application.

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