List the scheduling algorithm of RTOS. Describe any one scheduling algorithm in brief.
1 Answer
  1. First in first out
  2. Round-robin algorithm
  3. Round robin with priority:
  4. Shortest job first
  5. Non Preemptive multitasking
  6. Preemptive multitasking

1. First in first out:

  • In first in first out scheduling algorithm the task which are ready to run are kept in queue and the CPU serves the task on first in first served basis.
  • This scheduling algorithm is shown in fig. is very simple to implement but not well suited for most applications because it is difficult to estimate the amount of time a task has to wait for being executed .
  • However this is good algorithm for an embedded system has to perform few small tasks all with small execution time.
  • If there is no time critically and the number of tasks is small, this algorithm can be implemented

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