Write short note on Gypsum as an interior material.
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a. Gypsum is one of the widely used construction material mainly in interior designing.

b. Gypsum is used as surface materials. Its application is prominent in wall and ceiling construction. The use of gypsum can also be done at the field in the form of plaster.

c. It is also manufactured as prefabricated units, like gypsum board which is bought at the time of installation.

d. The ability of gypsum to give a comfortable and aesthetic ambience as a construction material increase the demand of gypsum. Nowadays, many of the interior and the exterior construction features are mostly governed by gypsum construction or gypsum products.

e. The advancement of gypsum construction in a continuous process is due to its reduced time and cost of construction. With time, gypsum products gain increasing properties like increased fire resistance, acoustic properties for noise insulation etc.

f. Properties of Gypsum as an interior building materials are listed as follows: - Fire resistance - Non-Combustible - Acoustic Properties - Thermal properties

g. Advantages of Gypsum as an internal Building Material:

  • Delivers Smooth Finish: It is used as a plaster material if properly done would provide us with a smooth white finish, which is free of cracks as well as scars. This is a highlighting property when it comes to indoor finishing.

  • Balance Indoor Atmosphere: It is of natural origin. They have a natural capability of balancing the indoor climate as well as humidity.

  • It is environmental friendly.

  • It is fire resistant in nature.

  • It has high thermal and acoustic insulation.

  • It provides good aesthetic and functional features.

  • Ease of installation.

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