State the engineering properties of ceramics with its uses.
1 Answer

a. Compressive strength makes ceramics good structural materials.

b. High voltage insulators and spark plugs are made from ceramics due to its electrical conductivity properties.

c. Good thermal insulation has ceramic tiles used in ovens and exterior tile on the shuttle orbiter.

d. Some ceramics are transparent to radar and other electromagnetic waves and are used in radomes (structure protecting radar equipment) and transmitters.

e. Hardness, abrasion resistance, imperviousness to high temperatures and extremely caustic conditions allow ceramics to be used in special applications where no other material can be used.

f. Chemical inertness make ceramics ideal for biomedical applications like orthopaedic prostheses (a medical device to replace a missing joint or boned or to support damaged bone) and dental implants.

g. Glass ceramics, due to their high temperature capabilities, leads to uses in optical equipment and fibre insulation.

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