Write short note on slip formwork.
1 Answer

a. Slip form construction is a advanced method for building the large towers or bridges. The name refers to the moving form the concrete is poured into, which moves along the project as the previously poured concrete hardens behind it.

b. The technique of slip form construction has also been applied to road construction.

c. The slip form technique was in use by the early 20th century for building silos and grain elevators.

d. A notable use of the method was the ‘Skylon Tower’ in Niagara falls, Ontario which was completed in 1965. The technique was soon utilized to construct the “Inco Superstack” in Sudbury, Ontario and the CN Tower in Toronto.

e. It is the most common method for construction of all buildings in Australia.

f. Slip formwork is widely used for constructing the large towers or bridges. It is also used for constructing the silos and grain elevators.

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