ADC Characteristics and Resolution
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I) Resolution:

The resolution of ADC is defined in two ways

It is defined as the max.no of digital o/p codes. This is same as that of a DAC Resolution=$2^{n}$

It is also defined as the ratio of the change in the value of the i/p analog voltage $V_{A}$ required to change the digital o/p by LSB

Resolution =$\frac{V_{FS}}{2^{n-1}}$

ii) Conversion Time:-

It is the total time required to convert the analog i.p signal into corresponding digital o.p the conversion times is also dependent on the prorogation delay introduced by the circuit components

iii) Quantification Error:-

The digital o/p is not always the accurate representation of the analog i/p For example any i/p voltage between 1/8 to 2/8 of full scale well be converted to a digital ward of "001". The approx process is called as quantization & the error due to the quantization process is called quantization process is called quantization error . The max value of quantization error is +1/2 LSB

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