Sketch $I_x$ and the transconductance of the transistor as a function of $V_x$ for each circuit in the given figure as $V_x$ varies from 0 to VDD. For part (a) assume $V_x$ varies from 0 to 1.5 V.

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Subject: CMOS VLSI Design

Topic: CMOS analog building blocks

Difficulty: Difficult

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From the figure, λ = γ = 0 and VTh = 0.7 V

Source and drain exchange their roles. VGS = 1 – $V_x$; V_DS = 1.9 - $V_x$; VDD = VGS - VTh = 0.3 - $V_x$

Device is in saturation region, so

Device turns off when $V_x$ = 0.3 V and never turns on again. So,

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