In the following figure, sketch $V_x$ and $V_y$ as a function of IREF. If $I_{REF}$ requires 0.5V to operate as a current source, what is its maximum value?

Assume for all transistors (W/L) = 25/0.5, $\mu$nCox = 50 $\mu$A/$V_2$, VTH = 0.6 V, $\lambda$ = $\gamma$ = 0 and VDD = 3V.

enter image description here

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From figure, we have,

Vx = Vy ……..(1)

For M1, VGS1=VDS1=Vx


The graph nature will be as shown below:-

enter image description here

To find the maximum value of IREF :-

We have,

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