Explain different types of carbon nanotubes and gives its application.
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Types of carbon nanotubes and related structures

1 Single-walled

2 Multi-walled

3 Junctions and crosslinking

4 Other morphologies

5 Extreme carbon nanotubes

Applications of Nanomaterials in Various Fields

(1) Since they are stronger, lighter etc., they are used to make hard metals.

(2) Smart magnetic fluids are used in vacuum seals, magnetic separators etc.

(3) They are also used in Giant Magneto Resistance (GMR) spin valves.

(4) Nano MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) are used in optimal switches, pressure sensors, mass sensors.

(5) Orderly assembled nano materials are used as quantum electronic devices and used in photonic crystals.

(6) Some of the nano materials are used as sensing elements.

(7)Especially the molecular nano materials are used to design robots, assembler etc.

(8) They are used in energy storage device such as hydrogen storage device in ionic batteries.

(9) In magnetic recording devices.

(10) To make CDs, and semiconductor LASER

(11) To make smaller chips few information storage.

(12) In mobile phones, Lap - tops etc.

(13) Nano dimensional photonic crystals and quantum electronic crystals and quantum electronic devices play a vital role in recently developed computers.

(14) Consolidated state nano particles are used as catalysts, electrodes in solar and fuel cells.

(15) Bio- sensitive nano particles are used in the production of DNA chips, bio-sensors etc.

(16) Nano - structured ceramic materials are used in synthetic bones.

(17) Few nano materials are used in absorbents, self cleaning glass fuel additives, drugs, ferro fluids etc.

(18) Nano metallic colloids are used as film precursors.

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