With a neat diagram explain the construction and working of Scanning electron microscope
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scanning electron microscope is an improved model of an electron microscope. SEM is used to study the three dimensional image of an specimen. enter image description here


when the accelerated primary electrons strikes the sample,it produces secondary electrons, these secondary electrons are collected by a positive charged electron detector which in turns gives a 3-dimensional image of the sample.


  1. it consists of an electron gun to produce high energy electron beam. A magnetic condensing lens is used to condense the electron beam and a scanning coil is arranged in-between magnetic condensing lens and the sample.

  2. the electron detector is used to collect the secondary electrons and can be converted into electrical signal. these signals can be fed into CRO through video amplifier as shown.


  1. these high speed primary electrons on falling over the sample produces low energy secondary electrons. the collection of secondary electrons are very difficult and hence a high voltage is applied to the collector.

  2. these collected electrons produce scintillations on to the photo multiplier tube are converted into electrical signals. these signals are amplified by the video amplifier and is fed to the CRO.

  3. By similar procedure the electron beam scans from left to right and the whole picture of the sample is obtained in the screen.

    4.in this way the Scanning Electron Microscope works.

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