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The concurrent development model

  • The concurrent development model is called as concurrent model.

  • The communication activity has completed in the first iteration and exits in the awaiting changes state.

  • The modeling activity completed its initial communication and then go to the underdevelopment state.

  • If the customer specifies the change in the requirement, then the modeling activity moves from the under development state into the awaiting change state.

  • The concurrent process model activities moving from one state to another state

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Advantages of the concurrent development model

  • This model is applicable to all types of software development processes.

  • It is easy for understanding and use.

  • It gives immediate feedback from testing.

  • It provides an accurate picture of the current state of a project.

Disadvantages of the concurrent development model

  • It needs better communication between the team members. This may not be achieved all the time.

  • It requires to remember the status of the different activities.

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